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It's a low risk option as the car can be driven away without the worry of a warranty expiring or worry about the best way to re-sell it in future.

Monthly payments would be more favourable than compared to HP It offers flexibility as the car can be easily changes at the end of the agreement period, with access to a wide range of vehicles which, under normal circumstances, could not be afforded. Things to remember It is best to be realistic about annual mileage as there will be a charge for each additional mile covered There is no option to buy the car at the end of the period.

Performance Performance cookies collect information about how you use our website e. They also allow us to update our website to improve performance and tailor it to your preferences. These cookies do not collect any information that could identify you - all the information collected is anonymous. Contents: New Vehicles Car turns up finally, only to be refused its sale.

New Vehicles With a Hire Purchase contract, you can gradually pay off the value of the car and enjoy low interest rates. But it's clearly VW Group's mission to fill a bit of the market to try justify higher prices for the "better" VWs. I picked up a Duster brochure, sat in the Duster, put the brochure back X. Just so we're straight your argument is that cars are nothing but mere appliances and frippery and badges mean nothing?

While at the same time Volkswagen must be commiting financial suicide by selling a brand without cachet? You then somehow bring Brexit into it which I guess explains your disjointed thought process. Let's consider some of your other points, the ones that don't concern celebrity paedophiles that is. The brand is so "Toxic" your fave word, eh?

Vehicle equipment includes:

It's clear that it's a successful member of their portfolio. I'm sure however if you give Wolfsburg a call and pass on your expertise they'll be incredibly grateful. Still it's a moot point anyway. Once the pound is worthless after Brexit no one will have any money to buy new cars regardless. But we'll have plenty of sovereignty and control to go around. Whatever they are. I have to say I was impressed by the engine and the steering but less so with the suspension. I found the 1. Though I have real doubts if it can deliver anywhere near the claimed combined Anyone know the "real mpg" i.

Exactly: diesels are more efficient because they have higher compression ratios, rev slower hence produce more torque , last longer because they rev slower and have to be stronger due to high compression and produce much less CO2 than Otto cycle engines. Petrol motors are lighter because they do not have to be so strong , have higher specific power outputs due to higher engine speeds and produce less NOX.

Neither is perfect, but each suits some circumstances better than others. In the UK with very similar tax regimes on the fuels the market for cars is pretty equally divided with electricity and LPG being bit players for the time being. If modern diesels were over-stressed they would fail quicker.

They don't for high milers. There is a reason high mileage drivers almost invariably go diesel. They also don't smell either your first post - i don't get out at work and have to scrub up due to the car i drive. You have also omitted to mention better torque so far superior for high load applications such as towing as well as the obvious better economy and range. Many modern diesels are a joy to drive, smooth and refined.

You can barely tell they are diesel once warmed and have great mid range punch for over-taking. True VW were caught out but they also produce plenty of other diesel engines that perform just as well as those that cheated without resorting to hoodwinking the tester mine being one of them. I have owned more petrol cars than diesel and would happily purchase either in the future. Its horses for courses really. I think we will have to agree to disagree. I and No government not even the Labour administrations that presided over the increase in popularity of diesels has lied to us owners, the information is plain to see.

There are advantages and demerits of diesels and petrol cars I have one of each , but very clearly neither is 'complete crap' your words , so let's just leave it there. Delivery seemed close to year end. They still had this in stock yesterday. Probably the last place in UK with such price because they preordered a few in advance.

Yes-lease told me that non-outdoor model is now discontinued and they cannot place any more orders. Or you can't afford a second hand because things that are used are money pits and owning a deprecating asset is the road to financial ruin. Currently driving one of these, just be wary of going overboard with the extras. Happy with the car though, its very nice to drive. Simpsons service was great and they delivered it for free which was a nice surprise. Should mention that you should take your test drive over speed bumps and make sure you are happy with firm suspension.

The scout may suit for people who aren't. Lol because if you have to go for this crappy finance deal the probable explanation is that you can't even afford a second hand car.

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OP, I can't find this link on the Skoda website, the link takes me to a sitemap - could you help me find it at all? Yeah, I've got a formal quote.

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Just double checked, it's 4. The PS engine was discontinued by Skoda in April, so this will be one of the last chances to get one of these brand new. The kW PS 2. Source website. My local Skoda dealership said that they would match this deal, but they only had one grey car in stock. Your opinion of what is clean and what is dirty is outdated, by about 10 years. Diesel tech has come a long way for particulates and NOx- a brand new EU6 compliant diesel is cleaner than a brand new EU6 compliant direct injection petrol in terms of what comes out of the tail pipe. Right now though a new EU6 compliant one isn't the filthy noise box you are making it out to be. My journeys are quite short on the commute. Hybrid is not out-dated at all!

I think you need to see where manufacturers are going before you make a statement like that. Diesel is doomed in the long term. What's to go wrong on a DPF unless you're clogging it by only going to the corner shops and back? They're basically a honeycomb-like catalytic structure within a box between your engine's exhaust manifold and teh exhaust itself.

The structure traps the particulates and burns them off when the engine gets the DPF hot enough to do so. Nothing majorly complicated with them.

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I would imagine that pretty soon the petrol engines will have DPFs, when they're all running direct injection as they also produce particulates. Also, petrols have added Benzene anti-knock - one of the nastiest carcinogens about. I'd take a well maintained diesel over a neglected petrol anyday when it comes to exhaust cleanliness. As always, complete combustion is the key. If all of the most harmful components of either fuel are fully combusted then you don't have an issue. Electricity isn't clean while we're using fossil fuels to generate it.

Some seriously outdated concepts you have there. I've just swapped a Golf 7 GTD for a Golf 7 R, mainly for thrills, but am under no illusions that the R is a cleaner car, or a quieter car. At 80mph the R is doing revs and the GTD is doing revs both in 6th gear - the R is noticeably noisier when cruising. After a week's ownership, the R's inner 2 exhaust tips have a light dusting of soot - I think that tells you everything you need to know about emissions cleanliness between the 2 cars.

I obviously didn't buy the R to save the planet. The next model should be called Skoda Awesome - if it's better than superb. Most of the savings gleaned from owning a Skoda are funded by the lack of development costings assigned to the brand.

Simpson skoda yeti deals

Also there's the advertising costs to consider, Audi advertise everywhere, they're all over recent films generally getting wrecked in the latest Marvel films - it all costs money that Skoda doesn't spend. They don't build shoddiness into the car. With well designed parts - body panel gaps and the way they're put together doesn't differ between the marques within VAG. The right way to do things will always be more efficient in a high volume manufacturing situation, and therefore more cost effective. Do you really think that VWs or Audis are built with more fettling time allowed for the assembly workers for all non-automated jobs to get it just right, and the Skodas just get thrown together?

Audi quite often uses a bit of Aluminium in their body panels mainly the doors and wings, for weight saving rather than sturdiness , but as far as reliability and warranty go, Skodas generally rate higher than VW or Audi on satisfaction or reliability surveys - perhaps the owners have lower expectations, cause less of a fuss when things go wrong, or perhaps it's because they get the old tech which has been tried and tested?

I'm no Skoda fanboi, i've never owned one, but i've had a few as courtesy cars, and recently had a Skoda superb TDI courtesy car for a week. It was as refined as the equivalent Golf. I recently bought a Golf R, and spent a while deciding whether i'd rather have an S3.