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To qualify for this offer you must make a purchase from a Halfords retail store or Halfords. You must provide an email address, vehicle registration and postcode to qualify for the promotion. Voucher can take up to 7 days to be emailed to you after purchase. You may only claim your free MOT once you have received your voucher.

How to save £100s by taking couponing to the max

Select Click and Collect to your nearest Halfords store and reserve your product s. The free MOT is not visible in your basket. Pick up your products from your chosen store. A colleague will load an electronic form at the till and ask you for your email address, postcode and vehicle registration to qualify. You then will receive an e-mail from Halfords, containing a voucher for your free MOT.

Visit a Halfords retail store and purchase any product.

Extreme Couponing

Use our store locator to find your nearest store. Go into store and purchase your products. Obtain a voucher code from one of the three ways detailed above; Click and Collect, in-store or Halfords. Don't forget, you can save time on your visit by booking your car service too! When you have finished shopping the Autocentre site, click the basket to complete your checkout. Remember to add your voucher code to claim your free MOT when viewing your basket. We are committed to providing excellent service to our motorists and genuinely care about your vehicle, that's why 4 out of 5 customers recommend us on Trust Pilot.

Many of our garages are open seven days a week, so book in at your local, friendly garage today. Find your nearest Halfords Autocentre below:. To get the best possible experience on our site you should use latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. We use cookies to personalise content, to provide social media features and to analyse website traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

Read more HERE. Cookies seem to be disabled in your browser. We have special offer promise vouchers for items that are on promotion but are out of stock when the customer wishes to buy it and the promotion will end before the customer is able to shop again. What's your policy on people using other peoples vouchers? Or loyalty card, etc? Our customer service assistants ask to see a Clubcard when vouchers are being redeemed instore; however this is not a requirement, because we know that families like to be able to share their vouchers. Yes, you can do this.

We have a monthly magazine called Waitrose Kitchen and a weekly newspaper called Waitrose Weekend — from time to time they do feature coupons for specific products, but this is not a regular feature. That depends on the coupon type and how they are set up, i. For the latter i. Each coupon will state the terms and conditions on it. Online you can only currently use one voucher per transaction.

Coupons & Special Offers

Yes - our tills validate the coupons. Printing them off in black and white or colour is absolutely fine. Some offers sent by email even have a mobile version of the coupon which can just be shown to the cashier and is matched against your myWaitrose card. Typically we ensure that any products featured in a coupon have high stock levels. There is no specific Waitrose raincheck voucher system in place. Vouchers are linked to a customer's myWaitrose account and card, so are valid for that customer only.

It would depend on the offer, but typically all coupons should work alongside any in branch or online promotions. Of course - it is up to our customers how they shop. But you would still need to meet any minimum spend requirements in branch or online. You may want to print out the relevant policy for the shop you're going to so you can present it to the cashier if they insist you can't use a coupon when you can.

There are no guarantees, but show it to them with a smile and it ought to work. With a practiced eye, you can decipher a coupon's barcode before you get to the till to see how much it's going to scan for. By looking at the last four digits, ignoring the last one, those three numbers tell you how much the coupon will scan for. If it said '', it would scan at 50p and so on. Some coupon barcodes read ''. This means the cashier will have to input the value manually at the till by checking the price, so be prepared to let them know if you get this type of coupon.

Note: Reading barcodes only works on supermarket coupons and printable coupons for high street stores. Once you know the secret value of a coupon, you can look around to see if you can find the item on sale for less than what it's going to scan for at the till. The extra money will then be taken off the rest of your shopping, something couponers call an 'overage'.

New vouchers/codes

It no longer offers this service, but instead has burst onto the scene as one of the most competitive and most attractive postpaid phone plan providers in Australia. Become a member to unlock extras including download codes, digital copies of PC Gamer magazine, ad-free browsing, and more. See all blogs. So here you have an overview of the campervan rental market with the different companies, their specifications, and our review. What you'll actually get is completely random, as the 'Too Good to Waste' boxes are made up on the day with whatever fruit and veg is looking past its best in each store. How fast is the Aldi Mobile network?

Overage is the holy grail for couponers, where you actually get money back on the cost of your shopping when the value of the coupon is higher than the cost of the product. It's a cool trick that comes around every once in a while if you have a high value, manufacturers' or freebie coupon.

Be careful though, this extra money cannot be taken away as profit from the till, so if you do happen to get this, make sure that you have something else in the trolley to use the extra overage on. The best thing to get with the overage is products you struggle to find coupons for e. Who knows what might be next? If you have multiple coupons for the same product, it might be more cost effective to buy two smaller items rather than the big so-called 'value' packs. Buying two smaller sizes products may start at a higher cost at the till, but by getting two coupon discounts instead of one, you may get more for your money.

Here's an example pictured below.

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Save on your shopping with free vouchers, coupons and discounts for groceries and See MSE's Top Cashback Sites for more info on how it all works. the page to find the sign up box) to get a printable coupon sent to your email address for. Saving money with coupons is great, but the printable kind are only good for As a couponer, something that excites me every month is page three of the free . first is protected and enshrined in the legally-binding MSE Editorial Code.

By buying two smaller packs, it works out cheaper and more cost effective. You can also save money by not buying packaging at all. If you ever get to the supermarket and find that an item on sale you were going to buy is sold out, you can ask for a 'raincheck' voucher. Normally this is some kind of rebate or coupon to make up for them not having the stock. A similar thing's been known to happen at Tesco as well, but whichever supermarket you use, it's always worth asking as it tends to be at the store manager's discretion.

By the time you've cut out your th coupon, it'll hit you - you're gonna need some sort of system. Keeping track of your couponing - what you have, what they're for and crucially when they expire - will not only stop the embarrassing last-minute rummage at the checkout, it'll also help you maximise your savings. But we'd suggest a slightly more high-tech approach - a basic spreadsheet. We've created a template you can use below, although if you're a dab hand with Excel, you can also create your own. The key things you need to include are:.

Three big supermarkets promise to refund the difference when groceries are cheaper at rivals. It's done by the basket though, so the real trick is to separate your shop into items that are cheaper and those that aren't to max the saving. Then put the items that cost more at your chosen supermarket into one transaction, and the ones that are cheapest in another. That way the price difference you'll get will be the greatest - and you'll get the maximum possible voucher. When you're shopping, separate uber-deals from full-price items.


You could organise them in the front and back of the trolley, or even use different baskets. At checkout, pay for the two piles of shopping separately. With luck, you'll have a basket full of full-price items that will hopefully score a price match discount or voucher. Then the separate basket of mega-bargains won't drag your average spend down. It is possible for you to predict when certain items will go on sale using Mysupermarket.

Deals Hunters

By correctly predicting sales, you can pinpoint the best time to use your coupons and save the most money. Supermarkets often change deals and release new sales advertisements mid-week, which means that Wednesday can be a critical day. There can be glitches which you can exploit - often new deals will come into effect but stores will honour last week's deals as well.

If you can predict the sale then pounce on the deal mid-week, you're in the money. Stockpiling isn't just for survivalists fearing a zombie apocalypse. Extreme couponers take pride in their impressive store of goods, organising it so they all get used. Stockpiling is great to save you a lot of money in the long run. If you find a coupon for something that means it's very cheap or even free it's a great time to stock up. Here are some things you should know beforehand:.