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Great efforts obvious, but scare factor simply was too pg Some of the actors actually spoke when asked for candy by children!! Was this review helpful? YES NO.

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I bought tickets in advance for my 15 year olds birthday and 7 friends. The tickets did not have a specific date or time so I tried calling and emailing to make sure we could get in Saturday night without a long wait. On the opening night I called again and was able to speak to a women who advised there could be a wait but waiting more than an hour has never been an issue.

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We arrived sat night at pm and waited in line until pm. Thankfully there was a clown who was very good at entertaining the kids while we waited. I am very appreciative of his efforts. The walk itself lost its scare factor after waiting so long and only took about 15 minutes to go through.

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Spoil alert: there is a man made mud section that will ruin your shoes. Wear mud boots! My suggestion is to sell a limited amount of tickets for designated date and time to prevent the long wait time and get rid of the mud section or recommend mud boots in your advertisement.

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I have been to many haunts ,even participated in them and this is one I will never return to. The strangers in my group had the same frustrations as I did. There was a lack of safety. Yes, it is the woods, but with uneven paths and roots exposed, there should have been something.

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Pools & slides for all ages Go-karts & mini golf Lively bumper boats. Welcome to Aquaboggan! Aquaboggan celebrates over 40 years as Maine's original water park. Located in Saco, Maine near Old Orchard Beach.

There is a large soap suds dispenser one has to go under and orbiz balls that are in the ground mixed with mud, and yes you must walk through them. They have pallet walls on both sides.

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It makes for a very slippery mess all while being touched by the actors. THAT is a huge issue. Yes, they can get in your personal space, but to take your personal items and block you from your group is a whole different level. Haunts are supposed to be scary and fun, not unsafe and uncomfortable. A stranger in our group of 14 was in hysterics by the end. That does not make for a haunted time. I would not recommend this haunt walk to anyone. I liked that it was a walk and there was plenty of interaction with characters. The jump out, stare, follow you, may even place a light hand on your shoulder.

At the end there is a mound of bubbles knee high or so that you walk through to get out.

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Then there is a tiny bridge you walk over, this was my least favorite Covered in dirt; not pleased. My ankle is still soar today. So make sure to wear boots and ones with good tread. Also at the end we were thankful someone in our party noticed all the cords at the end or someone would have tripped. Overall with some small adjustments this could be a good walk but there are definitely a couple of thing that are a larger accident waiting to happen.

We had to drive 12 minutes, and worth it. We bought them for our 2 daughters but they are busy, so we went. Worth it!! I enjoyed my time at the Trail of Terrors, but there were many times that I was worried I or someone in our party could get injured. For starters, this is not a place to go if you are prone to seizures, or can be physically disabled by bright flashing lights.

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The lights are so bright and flash quickly enough to disable most people I could not imagine going through the trail having medical issues with flashing lights. Take this terrifying walk through her realm if you dare. The terror begins as we search through the vast forbidden wasteland of ghoulish spooks and specters because the spirits have been awakened. Do you dare miss out on the most terror inducing, blood curdling, frightmarish experience of your life?

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This haunted walk will thrill and change you forever! Email Haunt Owner. Event last updated 42 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go. Haunt Photos Member Photos. All photos and videos within this listing are the property of Trail of Terror at Aquaboggan Water Park. Nearby Attractions McKenzie Farm There are no reviews for this listing yet.