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  1. EE launch insanely cheap 60GB SIM-only deal - and it comes with a free gift card.
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Add SIM Free Handset?

This is usually done via on online form, but the exact process will vary from network to network. If in doubt, give your new network a call. The highest data limit at the time of writing is 60GB, with EE. However, it may be possible to get unlimited data before too long. Three is launching its 5G service later in and currently offers unlimited data on its 4G SIM Only plans, so may well do the same with 5G.

If you do not know how much data you are likely to use each month then have a chat with one of our team. By understanding how you usually use your phone, we will be able to help you decide, alternatively if you already have a pay monthly contract it is possible to check what you are using.

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The rule of thumb is to pick a sim only deal that offers more than you normally use to account for any unusual times you may encounter. If you like to chat, and love to text your friends or have a business where you spend a lot of time ringing your friends, then you will be delighted to know that all the sim only deals that we have negotiated with EE come with unlimited talk time and unlimited texts.

What is a SIM Only deal and why do I need one?

This means that the majority of the calls that you make will not cost you anything extra. The exception being when you call premium rate numbers or chargeable text services, this applies to calling abroad too. If you are planning to travel and use your phone abroad then make sure you have checked on your deal so you understand what will be charged and what won't.


Direct from the network. This great deal is only available with us! That familiar old stalwart of telecommunications BT is so-so when it comes to SIM only tariff prices. If you miss your monthly payments, you risk damaging your credit score. To get your PAC code you can either phone or email your network or use a PAC code request form that you can fill on your network's website.

Some of the sim only deals we offer also come with cash back which is another great bonus when you switch to a pay monthly sim only deal. You will notice that some deals have auto cash back which means you do not need to do anything the cashback will be sent directly to you automatically and some you will need to claim.

Our best EE SIM Only Deals contract deals

Compare EE SIM only deals and get super fast 4G in your mobile phone - these are the best SIMOs on EE right now. 5 days ago Compare SIM only deals and save money on your bills with ease EE has come good of late, too, offering big data tariffs with optional perks at.

If you need to claim the cashback details will be sent to you of how to do this once the contract is up and running. Our friends at EE have also given us access to some really great extras for our customers when they choose a sim only deal. They offer some great options for those who do travel abroad with your minutes, texts and data all being usable in the EU which could save you a fortune if you travel a lot.

EE Mobile Phone Deals

As we have already mentioned, they have the best 4G coverage and their sim only deals have also been loaded with up to 60Mbps speeds to ensure you can connect super fast. Finally, if you are more into streaming music, then you could instead choose to have six months free access to Apple Music and what is even better is that EE will cover the data for this so you will not be using any of your allowances when you are streaming or downloading cracking tunes.

So as you can see we take finding the best sim only deals very seriously as we believe our customers should only ever have the best. With that in mind, the team have been hard at work getting these great deals for you. If you have any questions about the sim only deals, we offer then why not call one of our amazing team today, and they will be happy to help, just dial You need to turn on your javascript. Some functionality will not work if this is disabled.

Compare SIM Card Deals

Read more. Please note that the EE Sim Only deals comparison service is coming soon.

Is EE a good mobile network?

The list of arguments for getting a new phone can be quite long - the latest models are often very popular as well, but there are many people who value their slightly older, trusty phone and don't feel the need to get the latest bells and whistles iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model every year.

Business users may also value the idea of a SIM Only contract - particularly if your employer provides you with the phone itself but you need to pay for its use every month, then a SIM Only contract would be ideal.

Another ideal candidate for SIM only may be younger users, who are in University or some other form of education and don't really want the hassle of owning the pricey latest iPhone that will likely just get lost, damaged or stolen on campus. And with mobile phone insurance costs rising particularly for students lately, going SIM only with a cheaper handset seems to be the sensible choice.